May 02, 2011

Hackers Exploiting Bin Laden's Death

Saturday Night Live exploited Bin Laden famously a few years ago.  Today, who has been benefited from the death of Osama Bin Laden?  The world, naturally – but hackers in particular.  How?

Hackers love a big, breaking story.  We've seen this with Michael Jackson's death and today we see it with Bin Laden's death:


(Click image to enlarge)

Here, in a black hat SEO (search engine optimization forum), a hacker writes:

"Monetize This NOW!Just a tip to the newbies starting out:
1. Create A Fan Page - Something like Osama Bin Laden Dead - Rot in hell 

2. Start inviting people

3. Watch it go viral. You'll probably get 90% USA FB users.

4. Save it so you can promote a product later on

5/1/2011 - This is one of those rare opportunities that can build you a great list and a a couple of zeros in your profit. Use it while the news of Bin Laden killed by US forces is hot.
I just started one and it had 600 likes in 2 minutes.

Here's the the exploit works in real life:

First, a hacker posted up a fake video at


 In order to watch the movie you "have to" click on facebook's like buttons:


Which generate "likes" to the promoted facebook sites, such as 



As the big news unfolds this week, consumers and enterprises need to be especially careful.  Hackers know big stories like this can be exploited to help push their agenda.


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