June 27, 2011

Lulzsec Profile: Who Are They? Part II

Lulzsec calls it quits according to their official website:


If the site is down, you can see it using Google cache:


Not surprisingly, they are quitting. Lulzsec members are feeling the heat and are busy avoiding arrest.  As predicted, the end of Lulzsec was inevitable. During this week they tried to cover up themselves in order to avoid arrest by:

  • regrouping with anonymous
  • creating the ‘antisec’ operation
  • falsely claiming the UK census was hacked as a “red herring”

We believe that these efforts weren’t successful – and we would soon hear about more arrests of Lulzsec members as evidence piled up.  In fact, some of the evidence included the leaked log published by the Guardian:


In the past, we summarized from publicly available material who they were.  They always signed their communications with "Lulz Security - our crew of six."

Who are the six?  The "lulzexposed" group performed a very interesting statistical analysis of leaked private chat logs.  See the full analysis is of the chat logs here: http://nonynews.webs.com/lulzlog.html

However, it is possible that others have participated in Lulzsec hacking activity.  At one point, a Lulzsec member wrote: “Note that people such as joepie91/Neuron/Storm/trollpoll/voodoo are not involved with LulzSec, they just hang out with us in that channel.” 

This claim could be true.  But another possibility is that this is a case of damage control and they are just trying to insulate these members from law enforcement.

This may mean that the other contributors to the chat log are indeed involved with Lulzsec – and the graph really shows that Joepie91 had a significant role in this group.



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