June 19, 2011

Lulzsec Profile: Who Are They?

Tal Be'ery, our lead web researcher put together a full profile of Lulzsec based our own work plus some information that is publicly available:  

  • Lulzsec seems to be a spinoff of a group of hackers  from the "anonymous" organization.
  • They hacked HBgary and gawker – under the anonymous group umbrella but then decided to create their own 'gig'. Why? Probably to be independent.
  • The supporting evidence for is that the same nicks are used on both anonymous hacking related discussions (early 2011) and lulzsec (mid 2011).
  • They communicate mainly via private IRC channels – and publish via twitter and pastebin.
  • They mostly use Web application vulnerabilities as they used SQLi for PBS and (one of) Sony hacks.
  • They also use automated tools to harvest databass called Havij, as we can see from the leaked PBS hack screenshots.
  • Main Members:
    • Sabu – HBgary hacker. Seems to be the leader.
    • Nakomis – Coder, rumored to be one of PHPBB coders.
    • Topiary – Finance – handles donations and payment for services (e.g., botnets)
    • Tflow – Hacker. Rumored.
    • Kayla – Hacker. Owns a big botnet.
    • Joepie91 – Website admin.
    • Barrett Brown – Spokesperson (NOTE:  Mr. Brown has said he isn't a member).
    • Avunit 

From the discussion I'd seems they would be exposed and probably arrested very soon (if they hadn't already)  – as many "real world" details on their identity get revealed.

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