August 15, 2011

Rank My Hack

Many sites have been set up over the years to help rank and rate various things.  Now hackers have their own version:

Welcome to RankMyHack.Com. The worlds first elite hacker ranking system. Submit proof of your website hacks in exchange for Ranking Points that earn you a place on the leaderboard of legends. The bigger the site, the bigger the points. Then use your points to duel with other hackers and protect your legacy in one on one digital combat. So have you got what it takes to be the best?

So far more than 1000 sites were hacked in this competition – including very high profile ones. Currently, as of this writing, the top hack goes to a hacker who broke into the Huffington Post (does this mean good hackers are Republicans?).

Can we be sure that everything in this list is real?  We can't. But there's a good chance that many of them are since:

  • The site "validates" the hack (see below) – although we can't be sure that the validation is tamperproof.

We know for a fact, that some of the sites are indeed vulnerable, e.g., sites that were on Srblche's list.
(Click images to BIGGIFY). 


How do hackers get ranked?  They need to prove they have indeed hacked a site – by inserting a predetermined text into the hacked site page (see screen shot below).  Rankmyhack scans for that text in the page – and gives score based on how popular the website is. Lower points are awarded for XSS attacks.


There are bonus points – for hacking racist or edu/mil/gov sites:

There's also a duel mode in which you can compete with other hackers on hacking as many sites as possible in a given time:


Authors & Topics:

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