July 23, 2012

Gamigo Breach

Forbes is reporting that gaming website Gamigo was breached.  The article notes:

When this breach originally happened, the data wasn’t released, so it wasn’t a big concern. Now eight million email addresses and passwords have been online, live data for any hacker to see.

There is a more likely scenario.  The article should have said:

When this breach originally happened, the data was revealed to the hackers and whomever they give it to which is a major concern. After a while, when the original hackers were done with it, they released to the community which means this data is probably worthless by now.

Another point:  this breach has some similarities to LinkedIn breach.  Specifically, a few million hashed passwords which were disclosed to insiderpro.com. It’s very likely that the full leak of LinkedIn data including email addresses and login names would surface a few months from now.



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