June 10, 2014

Everything is different in the cloud (Well, not everything)

It’s not a secret that the cloud is transforming the data center. That’s why, a few months ago, Imperva acquired Skyfence. It allows us to offer our enterprise customers a solution to deal with the strain that data center cloudification puts on IT security. 

But even as different as the cloud may be, some things are true in just about every security market. A big example is the need for 3rd party security. Built in security, in the IT world, always seems to be a step behind the capability of dedicated 3rd party security solutions. From the vendor perspective the reason is simple: incentives. Platform and application vendors have to prioritize the feature/functionality race and security is, well, an afterthought. This happens in pretty much every IT market.

From the customer perspective there is a more important driver for 3rd party security in the cloud: alignment of interest. Providing the right kind of visibility into and control over Shadow IT (when end users and line of business managers go around IT to adopt external, cloud-delivered services) is actually against the interests of the cloud providers, who want to encourage more and faster adoption of their services.

Enter the need for a third party solution, like Skyfence. A 3rd party security solution’s interest is aligned with the interests of IT: provide the visibility into Shadow IT and give IT the ability to implement controls for safe usage within company guidelines. Skyfence announced their 3.0 version today which is focused on exactly that: Allowing users to have the apps they want while giving IT the control they need. Check it out here.


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