August 27, 2014

The Opportunity Cost of Not Looking at SaaS Usage

Report_summary_imgEarlier in the week, I wrote about the opportunity cost changing the status quo for database auditing.  Today, I’m writing about a different opportunity cost, this time for SaaS security.

In the tradition of Scuba by Imperva and our well-named WTF (Web Application Firewall Testing Framework) tools, Skyfence just released a free version of Skyfence Cloud Discovery.  All three can be downloaded here.

Even when something comes with a price tag of zero it is fair to ask “Is it worth my time”?

It’s no secret that “Shadow IT” is introducing cloud apps into most organizations almost daily.  With that comes significant risk to security and compliance.  So, you should ask yourself, if sensitive data is going out to those apps, should I find out and put some controls in place.  The answer is probably “Yes, that’s worth my time.”

The Skyfence Cloud Discovery Tool is a simple application that runs on Windows or Mac OS.  It scans existing firewall and web-proxy logs to catalog and analyze cloud app usage, combines this with Skyfence risk assessment information, and then delivers an intuitive report to help guide future decision-making. It’s free to use whenever you want, scan any amount of log data as often as you require and install it on as many machines as you need.  

We tried hard to keep the opportunity cost low (just a few minutes of your time) and the price free with the knowledge that the cost of doing (and seeing) nothing can be huge when your organization’s critical applications and sensitive data reside in the cloud.

Finally, If you want to find out more about the full picture of Skyfence’s offerings, which go beyond discovery to auditing and control of your SaaS apps, join Shan Zhou of Skyfence this Thursday for an Imperva Experts webinar.

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